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Make Web3 Simple

We provide tools powered by AI to improve the user experience for developers and users of Web3.

Discover the benefits of Web3, without the complexity

Onboard users quickly and securely with our white-label wallet, easily integrated with just a few lines of code. Enjoy optional features like seed phrase management, account recovery, and KYC integration, catering to both centralized and decentralized applications.
Fiat on-ramps
Onboard new web3 users with easy access to crypto using credits cards, bank accounts, or cryptocurrencies.
Simplify gas fees
Handle gas fees for users automatically.
Learn about how users are interacting with your product without collecting their data.
Transaction Notifications
Send friendly alerts via email or text when blockchain transactions are complete, so users can carry on with peace of mind.
Scale Across Multiple Chains with Ease
Effortlessly craft tailored experiences across diverse blockchains. Deploy wallets, contracts, mint NFTs and more.